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Your busy schedule may not allow you to make branch hours, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your most important banking tasks. Our Online Banking & Bill Pay allows you a wide range of banking functions — and it’s as simple as going online from your computer or any mobile device.

Check account information, review past transactions, arrange transfers between accounts, and more — all conveniently available 24/7 at the click of a mouse. Best of all, this time-saving service is 100% free for First American members. Sign up today.

These are most common questions asked about Online Banking

Question:  Why do I need an access code?

Answer:  First American Credit Union is committed to the security of your personal information and preventing fraud.  Obtaining an access code requires access to either your email account or mobile phone.  This access code process is an additional layer of security and helps to further secure your information.

Question:  What does “Should we remember this device” mean when inputting the access code?

Answer:  Choose “Yes, remember it” to prevent the device from requiring an access code each time you login.  Only choose this option if the device is always under your control and you are confident unauthorized use of the device is unlikely.

Choose “No, do not remember it” if using a device other people use.  (i.e.:  Public library computer, computer/device you do not own, shared work device, etc.)  Choosing “No, do not remember it” will require an access code upon each login attempt.

Question:  Why haven’t I received my access code?

Answer:  If you are sending the access code to your email:  Check to be certain you have entered your email address accurately if you are setting up online banking access for the first time.  Be sure to check your spam or junk mail folder if the access code email does not arrive within a few minutes.  You may also need to add [email protected] to your contacts or email whitelist to bypass email spam filtering.  Please note that some email providers may slow or prevent access code delivery messages unless you manually allow the email address or message through spam filtering.

If you are sending the access code to your mobile phone number:  Check to be certain you enter your mobile phone number accurately if you are setting up online banking access for the first time.  Verify you have a sufficient cellular data signal to receive text messages.  Ensure you have the proper wireless plan to receive text messages.

Question:  Why do I have to verify my email every time I login?

Answer:  You may not have chosen the option to remember your device the last time you logged in.  (See question 2 above)  Some browser security settings can remove cookies after you close out the browser.  You may have cleared or deleted cookies since the last time you logged into online banking.  You may be using a different browser even though it is from the same device.

Question:  Why does my password need to be so complicated?

Answer:  A strong or complex password makes it more difficult for cybercriminals to guess or hack your password.  Creating a strong password is an additional measure of security for your information.

Question:  Can I use my member number for my Login ID?

Answer:  First American Credit Union is committed to the security of your personal information and preventing fraud.  Please keep your member number as secure as possible.  Using a unique User ID will reduce the risk of exposure to your member number while making it more difficult for someone else to access your online banking profile.

Question:  What do I do if I forgot my password?

Answer:  Click on the “Forgot your password” link under the Login ID field on the online banking login page and follow the instructions.

Question:  What is the name of the First American Credit Union online banking mobile app?

Answer:  iOS Devices (Apple):  First American Mobile

Android Devices (Samsung, Google, LG, etc.):  First American CU Mobile

Question:  What is a “Confidence Word”?

Answer:  First American Credit Union is committed to the security of your personal information and preventing fraud.  The confidence word is an additional step to ensure you are using our online banking site.  Cybercriminals can create fake web sites that appear to be legitimate, but unless they have your confidence word, they are unable to mimic this security step.  Never share your confidence word with anyone not authorized to login to your account.

Question:  What is the difference between the “access code” and “temporary password”?

Answer:  The access code is a one-time code sent to either your email address or mobile phone to verify your identity.  The temporary password is a one-time password provided to you in order to reset your online banking password.

Question:  How can I delete a remembered device?

Answer:  If you have access to the device, delete the cookies from the browser(s) used on that device.  If the device is not accessible, please contact the First American Credit Union member service center at 520-836-8848 option 3 so we may assist in deleting your online banking profile as well as re-establish a new one.  Please note you can delete a remembered mobile device using the First American Credit Union mobile app.

Question:  If I update my address in online banking, why won’t it update my member account?

Answer:  Once you submit an address change request, our member service team verifies the authenticity of the request before processing the change.

Question:  What happened to text banking?

Answer:  We continue to look for ways to improve our member experiences.  Due to lack of demand and usage, text banking is no longer available.  You may access your account via online banking, mobile banking, phone/IVR banking, or traditional in-branch banking including shared branch banking.

Question:  What are “Cookies” and why do I need them?

Answer:  Cookies are very small files stored on a device to provide a smoother online experience while accessing web sites.  Almost every web site you visit will store one or more cookie files on your device.  You may notice many websites display a banner or pop-up indicating the use of cookies.  One of the primary reasons we use cookies is to identify a device and remember it for you.  (See question 2 above)

Question:  How do I change security settings (password, confidence word, etc.) on my account?

Answer:  After logging into online banking, you may change several settings including security options through the “Profile” menu on the left side of the screen.

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