About First American


First American Credit Union is a small, community oriented, non-profit financial institution. Our members and employees are people like you who live and work in the Casa Grande, Tse Bonito, Sells, and Gallup regions of Southwest Arizona and New Mexico. Originally founded as Navajoland Credit Union, we still take pride in our Navajo roots. But we welcome members from all Native American tribes, as well as from all the different ethnicities that weave the colorful fabric of our beautiful, historical region. We actively participate in community service and treat our members like part of the family, because we're just like you.

But just because we continue to embrace traditional values, it doesn't mean that we are old fashioned. We offer our members all the same products and services that megabanks do, without the megabank attitude. Instead, we provide services that give you the opportunity to grow with us. And we strive to provide the latest in banking technology with services like mobile banking. Our main priority is to serve you!

Mission Statement

First American Credit Union is your trusted partner creating member financial independence, promoting diversity, and serving hard-working families.

The credit union difference

Although credit unions and banks may appear similar, there are important differences. Like banks, credit unions make car loans, offer checking and savings accounts, ATM cards, certificates, and so on. So is there a real difference? Yes, and it can be summed up in two words: ownership and purpose.


A credit union is a financial cooperative, owned entirely by its members. Who owns First American Credit Union? Just look around you. Your co-workers, neighbors and relatives who are First American members are all co-owners, just like you. Banks, on the other hand, are tightly held businesses, each owned by a group of stockholders that profit from their customers.


Banks continue to demonstrate that their primary concern is profit. The primary purpose of credit unions is to provide low-cost financial services to their members. Profits are returned to the members as higher dividend yields, lower loan rates, and new services and technologies that enable the credit union to better serve its members.

As a member-owned, non-profit organization, First American Credit Union depends on participation from its members to succeed. So we invite you to join our family and make First American Credit Union your first choice for all your financial needs. We will take great care of you, because We're Just Like YOU!

We're committed to sharing our results with you.  View or download 2015 Annual Report below.  Contact the marketing department at 800.759.9442 to have one mailed to you.

2015 Annual Report