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An easy and secure way to make purchases with your First American Credit Union debit and/or credit card. While the Digital Wallet adds convenience to shopping, it also adds the security of safe storing your card information. Add your First American Credit Union cards to your Digital Wallet today!

How do I add my First American Credit Union Debit and/or Credit Card to my Digital Wallet?

Each Digital Wallet provider have different setup requirements. Please refer to the setup instructions from your selected provider.

Is there a charge for using a Digital Wallet?

There is no charge for using a Digital Wallet. A Digital Wallet does require your mobile device to be on an active data plan. Depending on your mobile provider, additional charges and fees may apply. Your First American Credit Union Debit/Credit card terms and conditions as well as account agreement will apply for purchases.

Where can I use my Digital Wallet?

Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Fitbit Pay, & Garmin Pay are for use in participating stores and mobile applications. Look for a Digital Wallet provider icon at the merchant checkout.

What devices support Digital Wallets?

Digital Wallets are supported by most Apple, Android, Samsung and other smart phones. Please check to see if your mobile device is compatible.

What happens if I lose my mobile device?

For Apple devices, you can use the “Find my iPhone” app to locate it, remotely lock it, or erase all the data on it. For Android devices, you can use the “Find my Device” app to remotely lock the phone. Information on an Android device can also be secured by logging into your Google account in the security section “your devices” and managing your devices.

Does my mobile device store my Debit and/or Credit card number?

When you add a Debit and/or Credit card, the number on your cards is replaced with a secure device number referred to as a token. That token is used to submit the payment to the merchant rather than your actual card number(s).

First American Credit Union debit & credit cards are compatible with the following digital wallet providers.

Apple Pay

 Google Pay

 Samsung Pay

 Fitbit Pay

 Garmin Pay